Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy


In our endeavor to enhance your website experience, we employ cookies. Cookies are small text files that may be downloaded onto your computer or mobile device upon your initial visit to our website to facilitate recognition.

Typically, cookies comprise two pieces of information: a site name and a unique user ID. While cookies alone cannot identify you, they may be utilized to identify your IP address. They aid us and/or third-party websites in recognizing your device during subsequent visits, retaining details such as your username and preferences, analyzing website performance, or facilitating personalized content recommendations.

Primarily, cookies employed on this website serve the following functions:

Essential: These are temporary cookies that reside in your browser’s cookies folder until you depart our website.

Performance: Stored on your computer, these cookies contain no personal data and are employed to enhance performance and aid navigation. They persist in your browser’s cookies folder for a duration longer than “Essential” cookies (subject to your browser settings).

We utilize or permit third parties to utilize cookies falling within the aforementioned categories. Google Analytics assists us in monitoring website traffic, and cookies may also be served via or any of our subsidiary domains, online surveys, and online publications.

Furthermore, third-party cookies may be utilized to support market research, revenue tracking, enhance site functionality, and monitor adherence to our Terms and Conditions and Copyright Policy, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

By utilizing our website, you consent to the placement of such cookies on your device. We reserve the right to modify ‘HOW WE UTILIZE COOKIES’ periodically. It is incumbent upon you to regularly review the policy. Continued use of the website subsequent to a modification to ‘HOW WE UTILIZE COOKIES’ implies acceptance of the amendments.

We provide links to social networking websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) from Generator Hostels. These websites may deploy cookies on your computer. We do not govern their cookie usage. We recommend consulting their respective websites to ascertain their cookie usage practices.

For comprehensive information about cookies, visit, which offers valuable insights into cookies and instructions for blocking them using various browsers. Please note that by blocking or deleting cookies, you may not fully capitalize on the features of our websites.